Sub Club launches crowdfunding campaign to survive Coronavirus pandemic



Help save the Glasgow institution.

Sub Club has launched a crowdfunding campaign – Save Our Sub – in order to survive the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

With the need for social distancing making Sub Club’s re-opening unlikely to be anytime soon, the venue is crowdfunding in order to cover its weekly running costs, establish a staff hardship fund, and to invest in the infrastructure changes needed to safely re-open.

As well as losing its source of income, the venue has also been denied access to the UK government’s furlough scheme – which was due to cover 80% of of staff’s wages – as a result of a retroactively applied cut off date.

“The cumulative effect of all this is that we now find ourselves in a situation where through absolutely no fault of our own the Sub Club could permanently close without significant intervention! We face an immediate, and very real existential threat,” explains the campaign.

Sub Club is also raising money to launch its Dazzle Fund initiative, which aims to support marginalised communities through donations and projects; 5% of proceeds from the campaign will be donated to the fund.

Head here to donate to Save Our Sub.