Stream Factory Floor and Jellyman (Django Django) remixes of sound artist Haroon Mirza



Experimental sound artist Haroon Mirza’s latest audio collages and sample cut-ups have been remixed by Factory Floor and Django Django drummer/producer Dave Maclean.

The two remixes have been released in conjunction with Mirza’s forthcoming exhibition /o/o/o/o/ at London’s Lisson Gallery, extending the artist’s long-standing interest in vinyl records and turntables.

Jellyman has taken the original material, which was cut straight to lacquer disc, and crafted a drum heavy, percussive techno burner that bounces along with rapier-like syncopation. Flipping the emphasis, Factory Floor’s rework deconstructs the whole lot into a raw and abrasive piece of experimental electronica that ticks over like a crocked life-support machine, laden with interference and post-industrial sleaze.

Dabbling in the liminal space between noise, sound and music, Mirza’s sound responds well to interpretation, and a more extensive remix project is already in the pipeline.