Stereolab are reissuing 3 albums on Warp





“Featuring previously unheard material, outtakes and b-sides.”

Stereolab are reissuing three albums on the 13th of September via Warp Records.

Formed in London during 1990, and led by Tim Ganend and Lætitia Sadier, the group’s music combines influences from krautrock, lounge and 1960s pop music, often incorporating vocals sung in both English and French.

Featured in the reissue package are Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1996), Dots and Loops (1997) and Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (1999) – all of which come along with unheard material, outtakes and b-sides.

Alongside the albums, Stereolab have shared ‘Freestyle Dumpling’ – an unreleased track from Emperor Tomato Ketchup that was previously only available as a Japanese-release bonus track.

Stereolab will complete their reissue series with Sound-Dust and Margerine Eclipse in November.

Head here for more info, check out the tracklists and artwork below.


Emperor Tomato Ketchup:

1. Metronomic Underground
2. Cybele’s Reverie
3. Percolator
4. Les Yper Sound
5. Spark Plug
6. OLV 26
7. The Noise of Carpet
8. Tomorrow Is Already Here
9. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
10. Monstre Sacre
11. Motoroller Scalatron
12. Slow Fast Hazel
13. Anonymous Collective
14. Freestyle Dumpling
15. Noise of Carpet (Original Mix)
16. Old Lungs
17. Percolator (Original Mix)
18. Cybele’s Reverie (Demo)
19. Spark Plug (Demo)
20. Spinal Column (Demo)
21. Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Demo)
22. Les Yper Sound (Demo)
23. Metronomic Underground (Demo)
24. Percolator (Demo)
25. Tomorrow Is Already Here (Demo)
26. Brigitte (Demo)
27. Motorola Scalatron (Demo)
28. Anonymous Collective (Demo)

Dots and Loops:

1. Brakhage
2. Miss Modular
3. The Flower Called Nowhere
4. Diagonals
5. Prisoner of Mars
6. Rainbo Conversation
7. Refractions in the Plastic Pulse
8. Parsec
9. Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious
10. Contronatura
11. Diagonals (Bode Drums)
12. Contranatura Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
13. Brakhage (Instrumental)
14. The Flower Called Nowhere (Instrumental)
15. Bonus Beats
16. Diagonals (Instrumental)
17. Contranatura (Demo)
18. Allures (Demo)
19. Refractions in the Plastic Pulse (Demo)
20. I Feel the Air (Demo)
21. Off On (Demo)
22. Incredible He Woman (Demo)
23. Miss Modular (Demo)
24. Untitled in Dusseldorf (Demo)

Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night:

1. Fuses
2. People Do It All the Time
3. The Free Design
4. Blips, Drips and Strips
5. Italian Shoes Continuum
6. Infinity Girl
7. The Spiracles
8. Op Hop Detonation
9. Puncture in the Radax Permutation
10. Velvet Water
11. Blue Milk
12. Caleidoscopic Gaze
13. Strobo Acceleration
14. The Emergency Kisses
15. Come and Play in the Milky Night
16. Galaxidion
17. With Friends like These Pt. 2
18. Backwards Shug
19. Continuum (Unreleased Original Version)
20. Continuum Vocodered (Unreleased)
21. People Do It All the Time (Demo)
22. Op Hop Detonation (Demo)
23. The Spiracles (Demo)
24. Latin Cobra Coda (Demo)
25. Infinity Girl (Demo)
26. Blips, Drips and Strips (Demo)
27. Blue Milk (Demo)
28. Italian Shoes Continuum (Demo)
29. Come and Play in the Milky Night (Demo)
30. Strobo Acceleration (Demo)
31. Caleidoscopic Gaze (Demo)
32. Galaxidion (Demo)