Soundway announces debut album by The Mauskovic Dance Band





No-wave dance punk meets Afro-Carribean rhythms.

The Mauskovic Dance Band will release their self-titled debut LP, this May via Soundway Records.

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Producer and multi-instrumentalist Nicola Mauskovic founded the band, recruiting brothers Marnix Mauskovic on guitar, synth, percussion, Mano Mauskovic on bass, along with Chocolate Space Donnie on vocals, keys, effects, and Cumbia producer Juan Hundred on drums.

Its 8-tracks were recorded in the storage space of Amsterdam’s Garage

The Mauskovic Dance Band follows their Down In The Basement EP on Soundway in 2018.

Pre-order a copy here ahead of its 24th May release, check out the cover artwork and tracklist below.


1. Drinks By The Sea
2. Space Drum Machine
3. Same Heads
4. Dance Place Garage
5. Alto In Vacanza
6. Late Night People
7. Percussione & Spazio Sounds
8. It’s The Wrong Goodie