Son selling father’s estate of 250,000 records for $350,000




That’s $1.40 per record.

A Craigslist seller is hoping to shift his father’s mega vinyl collection in a single sale. Boasting over a quarter of a million records which are all in “good to vg to mint” condition, the collection is housed in shelves that the father crafted himself.  The seller estimates that 160,000 records in the collection are 45s and presumably the rest are 12″s and LPs.

Sadly it appears as if the father’s passion for vinyl hasn’t translated down the chain with the seller seemingly oblivious to the content of the collection. In the listing the seller states: “I cant [sic] really say whats [sic] in here but everything you can probably think of. Colored vinyl, etc…”

As mentioned, the seller wants to sell the entire collection in one go and is not interested in shipping any of the records. If you fancy making the trip out to Dunkirk (NY) to explore this giant collection, contact the seller via the listing page here. Be sure to tell us what you find!

Look through photos of the collection in the gallery below: