Someone has built a working turntable out of Lego




Originally posted on FACT.

And it sounds pretty good.

A Korean Lego enthusiast going by the name of Hayarobi has constructed a working turntable using over 2400 pieces of the miniature construction toys.

Known as ‘The Planet,’ the turntable includes a traditional phono cartridge but is otherwise constructed strictly out of Lego parts. Ingeniously, mini Lego car tyres have been used to provide the counterweight on the tonearm.

Hayarobi, who it seems is a fan of vintage synth-pop, has also constructed a remote-controlled Lego bulldozer as well as a dancing Lego version of Spongebob Squarepants.

You can watch and listen to the turntable in action below. [via Mixmag/FACT]

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