Shy One launches new vinyl-only radio show





“Exploring my existing collection and new finds.”

Shy One has launched a new vinyl-only record show, on Blast Radio.

Blast Radio offers artists their own radio station to play what they want when they want, with all shows expiring in 24 hours.

For her new show, Shy One will focus on some of her favourite records from her collection, as well as new finds she picks up on the way.

“I’m aiming to play similar styles and themes for each show, and am using the show to make better use of my vinyl collection that I definitely don’t play out enough.”

“I’m terrible at bringing my records to the club or even really playing a lot of what I buy on radio so every fortnight (maybe even weekly let’s see 😉 I’ll be getting my money’s worth and sharing some of the sounds I cook/clean to.”

While the show is currently set to broadcast fortnightly, Shy One hopes to possibly increase its frequency over time.

Head here for more info.

Photo by: Vicky Grout