Seth Rogen releasing new 3xLP collection to be enjoyed with different weed strains



The high of vinyl.

Comedian and actor Seth Rogen is releasing a new box set of mixes designed to complement different strains of weed.via his Houseplant company.

Released via his Houseplant company and called Houseplant Box Set Vol.1, the 3xLP set features a different record for different types of weed: sativa, indica, and hybrid.

The Sativa LP focuses on upbeat songs, while Indica goes down a more mellow route, and Hybrid’s musical offerings are somewhere in between.

The box set also includes a limited edition felt slipmat, as well as a set of instructions.

Rogen originally launched his Houseplant brand in 2019 with business partner Evan Goldberg, born from a shared “love and passion for cannabis, design and art.”

Using weed for recreational purposes became legal in California, where Rogen is based, in 2016, and has rapidly transformed into a highly profitable industry — with sales reaching over £3.15 billion in the state during 2020, as Forbes notes — after years of criminalising users, growers and sellers.

Houseplant Box Set Vol.1 will be available for purchase here from 5pm GMT today (Thursday 11th March). Check out the artwork below in the meantime.