Scott Walker’s first 5 solo albums get box set reissues

Scott Walker’s first 5 solo albums get box set reissues




Universal have announced they will reissue Scott, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4 and ‘Til The Band Comes In as Scott Walker: The Collection 1967-1970.

Recorded in the period between the break-up and reunion of pop outfit The Walker Brothers (of which he was a founding member), Walker’s solo records saw the singer and songwirter embark on a dramatic shift in the direction of his music, moving from the often schmalzy and orchestral easy listening that defined the Walker Brothers towards a more experimental, often challenging amalgamation of influences, that include Jacques Brel.

These five reissues document that period of transition and the process of redefinition that marked Walker’s unusual career that would see him go to on experiment further in alternative music, most recently on albums The Drift and Bish Bosch. It is a career The Guardian’s Simon Hattenstone once compared to “Andy Williams reinventing himself as Stockhausen”.

Released on the 3rd June, each album has been remastered from the original tapes, and will be available on CD and vinyl. The vinyl version will come with an extended 48-page exploration of the artist containing four rare interviews from the time. [via FACT]

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