Sarah Davachi launches new label with Cantus, Descant album





Weaving her own vocals through minimal organ compositions and harmonic layerings.

Sarah Davachi is launching a new label, called Late Music, with her own Cantus, Descant album, released this September.

Whilst maintaining her focus on the organ in its various forms – pipe, reed, and electric – Davachi has also, for the first time, contributed her own vocals to two tracks.

“The album takes solace in a suspension of the private within the collective, and the moment within the mythic,” explains Davachi.

Cantus, Descant follows the release of Davachi’s Gathers cassette as part of Boomkat’s recently launched Documenting Sound series, focusing on recordings made during Coronavirus lockdowns across the world.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Cantus, Descant’s 18th September release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Stations II
2. The Pelican
3. Ruminant
4. Still Lives
5. Stations V
6. Midlands
7. Play The Ghost
8. Stations IV
9. Passing Bell
10. Hanging Gardens
11. Stations I
12. Gold Upon White
13. Oldgrowth
14. Stations III
15. Canyon Walls
16. Badlands
17. Diaphonia Basilica

Photo by: Ella Rinaldo