Japanese Noh theatre inspires Samurai Music drum’n’bass 3×12″ series



Based on Hannya masks.

Berlin imprint Samurai Music is releasing a new 3×12″ series, called Samurai Hannya, this July.

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The triple vinyl collection was inspired by Japanese Noh theatre Hannya masks.

“Hannya masks capture the stages of transformation of a female character as she undergoes a metamorphosis into a demon / ogre,” shares Samurai Music. “This transformation is caused by deep sadness and anger, fuelled by intense jealousy… its horrible look gives us an impression that it is not just a grotesque monster, but that it also expresses the deep sadness of human beings.”

Samurai Hannya is divided into three 12″s – Hannya White (Ghost) | 葵上, Hannya Red (Snake) | 道成寺, and Hannya Black (Demon) | 黒塚 – and includes tracks by nine artists including Homemade Weapons, Presha, Torn, Roho and Ancestral Voices.

Head here for more info, check out the tracklists and covers below.

Hannya White (Ghost) | 葵上

1. The Untouchables – Bushi Ronin
2. Ancestral Voices & Presha – Niflheim
3. Last Life – Rotterdam
4. Antagonist – Ministry

Hannya Red (Snake) | 道成寺

1. Artilect – A Message
2. Presha & Homemade Weapons – The Claw
3. Homemade Weapons & Roho – Kifuka
4. Torana – Amok

Hannya Black (Demon) | 黒塚

1. Homemade Weapons – Omen
2. Torn – Dance On The Bones
3. Homemade Weapons & Torn – Isolation
4. Roho – Totemz