Sade performs live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival during 1984





Smooth operator.

Since 1967, the Montreux Jazz Festival has held every July near Lake Geneva.

Though it initially began as an event that solely hosted jazz artists, in 1970, the festival opened its line-up to a wider range of genres.

In 1984, Sade took to the Montreaux stage, as their debut studio album, Diamond Life, was just being released in the UK.

What followed was an 11-track performance spanning future classics like ‘Your Love Is King’, “Hang On To Your Love’, and ‘Smooth Operator’.

Watch the performance in full above, and check out the setlist below.


1. Why Can’t We Live Together

2. Your Love Is King

3. Hang On to Your Love

4. Sally

5. When Am I Going to Make a Living

6. I Will Be Your Friend

7. Cherry Pie

8. Frankie’s First Affair

9. Smooth Operator

10. Snake Bite

11. Love Affair With Life

12. Your Love Is King