rRoxymore draws on field recordings and UK breakbeat for debut album, Face To Phase



“Forged by the spirit of club music cultures.”

rRoxymore will release her debut album, Face To Phase, on Don’t Be Afraid this September.

Face To Phase follows a string of EPs for the label, and came out of her “annual creative hibernation practice.” According to Don’t Be Afraid, the result is eight, stripped-back tracks of “rumbling minimalist dub, sparse polymetric drums, boldy unpredictable melodic narratives and subtleties which hover out-of-reach or disappear into vapour.”

The album sees rRoxymore using her own archive of field recordings as well as exploring beatless music on opener ‘Home Is Where The Music Is’ (inspired by Planningtorock) alongside clubbier tracks like ‘Passages’, inspired by UK breakbeat.

Head here to pre-order a copy of the album in advance of its 27th September release. rRoxymore will also make her live debut in collaboration with a percussionist at this year’s Berlin Atonal on the 1st of September.


1. Home Is Where the Music is
2. Passages
3. Forward Flamingo
4. Energy Points
5. Someone Else’s Memory
6. Hectadrums
7. PPS21
8. What’s the Plan