Roland launches online studio that lets you play a TR-808 and TB-303



Create your own tracks using the iconic drum machine and synthesizer. 

Roland and Yuri Suzuki have launched a new online studio platform that allows you to play with, and record, its iconic TR-808 and TB-303 instruments, appropriately named

Its design was inspired by the museum’s current exhibition Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers, which explores the development and innovations of electronic instruments alongside electronic music’s cultural history.

As Suzuki shares, the exhibition features “Roland’s TR-808 drum machine and its TB-303 bass synthesizer — arguably two of the most ground-breaking inventions in the history of electronic music. This is not just because of their unique sounds, but because their interfaces and unique perspectives allow users to take unexpected and innovative approaches to making music.

Step Sequencer is one of the most common ways of programming music on electronic instruments. Its simplicity and well-designed user interface make it possible for anyone to make electronic music. Rows and columns can dictate rhythmic values, note names, octaves and more. The rate which you progress through dictates the tempo and time signature.” is a new online music creation platform created by Yuri Suzuki and Roland, which features Roland’s innovative Step Sequencer technique, as well as emulating the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesizer.” allows you to play with the instruments, as well as record the music you create offline, in video files that feature a spinning record backed with your new track.

Head here to check it out.