Sci-fi cult classic Robinson Crusoe on Mars gets first ever vinyl release




The original Martian.

Long before Matt Damon’s blockbuster The Martian, there was the survival story of marooned astronaut Christopher “Kit” Draper. For most of its length Robinson Crusoe on Mars is a one-man show, with Nathan Van Cleave’s orchestral score serving as an additional character, conversing with Kit as he explores the red terrain.

Though the film was released in the ’60s, the score was held back and only became available on CD a few years ago via Film Score Monthly. Continuing its soundtrack mission, Mondo is now preparing to give this cult classic its first ever vinyl release.

Featuring original artwork by We Buy Your Kids and pressed on translucent blue and red vinyl, Robinson Crusoe on Mars will be limited to 1000 copies only. Check out the artwork and packaging below.

Due on 29 April, place pre-orders here.