Someone has made a remote-controlled Technics turntable



Pimp my deck.

For some people, getting up and flipping the record is part of the charm of owning a turntable, but for this resourceful hi-fi fiend it was one step too far.

While remote-controlled turntables have been manufactured in the past (see the Sharp Optonica RP-9100), this goes way beyond anything you might get out of a box. Writing on Tape Heads forum, Rupi99 used Technics’ fully automatic linear tracking deck the SL-L3, and programmed it like a CD player to make it compatible with the Logitech Harmony Ultimate controller that runs the rest of Rupi99’s equipment.

Here’s why: “I’m always trying to use also vintage stuff as comfortable as possible,” Rupi99 writes. “And comfort means for me remote controllable.” Fair enough.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rupi99 has only gone and fitted the casing with a strip of LED lights that is also controllable, trumping Ion’s ostentatious new flashing deck with DIY vigour. Prefect for kicking back with Kool & The Gang’s ‘Ladies Night’ then.

Find out more about how to hook your turntable up with a remote control here and watch the Technics in action below.