Rare Southern gospel soul music from the ’70s-’80s collected on 2xLP





Showcasing the output of Memphis Tennessee imprint D-Vine Spirituals.

A new collection featuring gospel soul music from Juan D. Shipp’s D-Vine Spirituals label, called Sacred Soul: The D-vine Spirituals Records Story Volume 1 and 2, is being released via Bible & Tire Co this January.

Growing up in Memphis, Juan D. Shipp began playing trombone in bands as a teenager, before becoming a record producer at Designer Records, as well as a local DJ.

Convinced that he could elevate gospel artists’ music during the production process, he founded D-Vine Records and the D-Vine Spirituals sub-label.

During its heydey, Shipp produced and released records from artists including The Supreme Travelers, The Southern Echoes, and Rev. L. D. Harris + The Smiling Four.

Focusing on the label’s output from 1972-’86, Sacred Soul: The D-vine Spirituals Records Story collects 28 songs from artists including Elder Ward & The Gospel Four, The D-Vine Spiritualettes, The Southern Bells, and The Angelic Five.

It follows the resurrection of the label in 2019, with Shipp driven by a desire to bring gospel “out of the church building”.

Pre-order Sacred Soul: The D-vine Spirituals Records Story Volume 1 and 2 here in advance of their 14th January release, check out the artwork and tracklists below.

Volume 1

1. Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls – I Heard the Voice
2. The Southern Sons – I’m a Soldier in God’s Army
3. The Seven Brothers One River to Cross
4. The Gospelaires – I’m Going Home
5. The Heavenly Stars — Take Me by the Hand
6. Evelyn Taylor — Look at Your Life
7. The Supreme Travelers — You Got to Live the Life
8. Elder Ward & The Gospel Four — God’s Going to Blow out the Sun
9. The Spiritual Stars of Kansas City, Missouri — Memories
10. The Joy of Memphis — I Feel Like Flying Away
11. The Kingdom Airs — The Reason I Love Him
12. The D-Vine Spiritualettes — Where You Gonna Run?
13. The Gospel Four — The Devil Don’t Like It
14. The Traveling Stars — When I Looked

Volume 2

1. The Gospel Wymics — It’s a Shame How This World Has Changed
2. The Spiritual Wonders — Something That You Can Do
3. The M&N Singers — Stand by Me
4. The Shaw Singers — My Time Ain’t Long
5. Sister Jessie M. Sherley — I Know I’ve Been Changed
6. The Gospel Six of Tunica, Mississippi — Jesus, He’s a Miracle Worker
7. The Southern Aires — Ring Them Golden Bells
8. Elder Ward & The Gospel Four — A Change is Gonna Come
9. The Dynamic Hughes Singers — The Lord’s Prayer
10. The Pure Heart Travelers — I’m a Pilgrim
11. The Exciting Legion Aires — Never Grow Old
12. The Jackson Golden Airs — So Hard to Say Goodbye
13. The Angelic Five — I Got Jesus
14. The Southern Bells — I’ve Got to Tell It