This scratch turntable features an integrated mixer

This scratch turntable features an integrated mixer




The ultimate scratch deck.

It won’t come as a surprise that DJ Q Bert is the brains behind the QFO turntable. Introduced as the “ultimate on the go, all-in-one mixer turntable instrument,” the Vestax built deck was released back in ’04.

By integrating a mixer, the deck minimises the distance DJs need to travel between deck and mixer, thereby extending the possibilities for scratching, cutting and chopping.

Q Bert’s dream toy machine not only features faders and EQ controls around the platter but also an alternative pitch control with a smooth slider that wraps itself around 180 degrees of the turntable. The concept here is that a skilled DJ can manipulate the record, adjust the pitch slider and hit the quartz lock button, with one hand and in one fluid movement. Good luck doing that on a regular deck.

This key feature was carried over to the QFO LE, a lite version, released in 2008 and limited to 250 units worldwide. Both models are out of production now, but try your luck on secondary markets.

Check out photos of the QFO LE below:

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