Pro-Ject unveils high-speed record cleaning machine

Pro-Ject unveils high-speed record cleaning machine




A clean record is a happy record.

Austrian turntable house Pro-Ject has unveiled the VC-S Vinyl Cleaner, its first RCM, which it describes as a “radical new development” for vinyl and shellac records.

The machine cleans a record in up to two rotations, with the best results coming from one turn forward and one backward.

The record is said to turn within 2 seconds per rotation, approximately 3 times faster than the average cleaning machine. Pro-Ject promises that this will not only lead to faster cleaning, but also cleaner and dryer records with zero residual humidity.

Retailing at £295.00 (€449,00), the new VC-S Vinyl Cleaner is considerably cheaper than competition from Moth, VPI and Nitty Gritty. Head over to Pro-Ject to check out specs.

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