Premiere: Hear a heavy new voodoo funk track from Fumaça Preta

Premiere: Hear a heavy new voodoo funk track from Fumaça Preta




Soundway Records’ band of outlaws share ‘Ressaca Da Glória’.

As well as putting out a relentless stream of brilliant reissues, Soundway Records regularly make space for new music from Fumaça Preta, the heavy Latin American psych outfit that wield reverb like machetes, slashing their way through pretty much every generic convention along the way.

Translated as ‘Surf Glory’, ‘Ressaca Da Glória’ is twisted garage-meets-surf psych romp, and the kind of wave that would wipe you out before you’ve even stood up. Fuzzed up voodoo funk, the devilish opening riff precedes just 145 seconds of crunched drums and tortured vocals that ebb and swell with idiosyncratic ferocity.

Stream it exclusive below:

With their Venezuelan slang opera ‘La Trampa’ featured in our rundown of last year’s best 7″s (and an exclusive vinyl mix on the way), ‘Ressaca Da Glória’ heralds the release of Fumaça Preta’s second LP on Soundway, which is just as brutal.

As they explain: “The album starts with the sound of a guitar being dropped from the recording studio roof and disintegrating as it hits the concrete below. We could not get the guitar to sound evil and disturbing enough – we tried every possible amp and effect – in the end the only solution was to sacrifice the instrument to the song.”

Recorded in abandoned metal work factories, disused military bases and Venezuelan voodoo rituals, Impuros Fanáticos will be released on the 8th April via Soundway Records. Pre-order it here.

Photo: Shelly Wilson

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