This new 60kg turntable has a parallel tracking arm and LED lit platter

This new 60kg turntable has a parallel tracking arm and LED lit platter




A glance at the new Pre Audio GL-1102N.

Polish turntable gurus Pre Audio have unveiled a flashy new turntable with an LED lit platter. Boasting a granite sub-chassis, the Pre Audio GL-1102N is a hefty 60kg beast, so bring out your sturdiest table.

Designed by Daniel Prendecki, the direct-drive deck features a parallel tracking arm – which, arguably, will reduce distortion and provide a more accurate reading compared with a laterally-tracking curved arm.

A turntable of this calibre won’t come cheap (£4700) but will reward sonically. Ogle at photos in the gallery and scroll down for technical bits.

Granite sub-chassis
Tone arm GL-1102
Downforce range 5-30mN
Optional couterweights cartridge weights 5-10g
Drive method belt drive
Motor synchronous AC

Gilt RCA , GND
Turntable speeds 33,33/ 45,11r.p.m
Speed variance (+/- 0,2 %)
Wow and flutter (+/- 0,01 %)
Speed adjustment manual

Tracking error 0%
Anti-skating 0
Height Adjustment (VTA) (+/- 25 mm)
Arm Height Adjustment range (+/- 30 mm)
Turntable Platter Height Adjustment (+/- 10 mm)
Turntable Platter diameter: 310mm / mass: 5kg / height: 70mm
Dimensions 540mm x 360mm
Weight 60kg
Power supply 110V-240V / 60Hz-50Hz
Power consumption 10W

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