Series of rare Popol Vuh albums to be reissued on vinyl

Series of rare Popol Vuh albums to be reissued on vinyl



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Including a highly sought-after solo album by Florian Fricke.

Wah Wah Records will continue its campaign to bring back out-of-print albums by kosmische pioneers Popol Vuh with another set of reissues, reports Exclaim.

The latest batch includes the group’s twelfth album Die Nacht Der Seele (or Tantric Songs) and their 1981 follow-up Sei still, wisse ICH BIN. Best of all though, Florian Fricke’s super-rare ’83 solo album Die Erde und Ich sind Eins has finally been unearthed.

The label previously issued Popol Vuh’s early works and their score for Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu, and this series looks to explore the band’s later output.

Limited to 500 copies and with liner notes by Dolf Mulder, the reissues are due in late April in Europe and mid-May in the States. Stay tuned via Wah Wah.

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