PAN prepares new compilation mono no aware for double vinyl release

PAN prepares new compilation mono no aware for double vinyl release



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Ambient tracks from new and existing PAN artists.

Berlin-based experimental label PAN is to release its first compilation next month.

Featuring music from established label names like M.E.S.H., Helm (who featured in our recent tape documentary), Yves Tumor (whose Serpent Music was one of our favourite records last year) and PAN boss Bill Kouligas and others, the collection seeks to broader the traditional understanding of ‘ambient’ music and gives an exciting snapshot of one of the most consistently forward-thinking labels around.

Translating as ‘the pathos of things’ (or ‘a sensitivity to ephemera’), mono no aware, the releases notes that “in investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred,” turning the record into a “meditation on mortality and life’s transience.”

PAN have teamed up with LA record shop Mount Analog to release a limited art edition of 100 copies at the LA Book Fair 2017, before going on general digital and double vinyl release on 17th March.

Vinyl tracklist:

A1. Kareem Lotfy – Fr3sh (03:52)
A2. Malibu – Held (06:22)
A3. Yves Tumor – Limerence (05:29)
A4. HELM – Eliminator (03:27)
B1. ADR – Open Invitation (04:49)
B2. AYYA – Second Mistake (07:16)
B3. Flora Yin-Wong – Lugere (02:47)
B4. Mya Gomez – justforu (05:31)
C1. Bill Kouligas – VXOMEG (03:36)
C2. Jeff Witscher – ok, American Medium (06:19)
C3. TCF – C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2 F9 9C D6 BD 92 ED FC 6F 6C A9 D4 88 95 8C 53 B4 55 DF 38 C4 AB E7 72 13 (03:43)
C4. James K feat. Eve Essex – Stretch Deep (04:20)
D1. SKY H1 – Huit (03:51)
D2. M.E.S.H. – Exasthrus (Pane) (03:44)
D3. Oli XL – Heretic (04:17)
D4. HVAD & Pan Daijing – Zhao Hua (06:47)

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