These Oreo “vinyl records” have been cut with music you can play on mini turntables

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Published on:September 26, 2017

Now you can have your record and eat it too.

Special “Oreo vinyl” cookies have been created that allow you to play music on them from a tiny record player.

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Hong Kong agency Dimensions developed the idea in order to make the sugary treat more appealing to Chinese teenagers.

“The data on the cookie is embossed with a mod which is made with laser cutting and engraving technique. And we wrote a program to transform the music into a pattern. After that, we make it into a laser-engraving friendly format and produce the mod for the Oreo Vinyl production,” says Dimensions.

The Oreo Vinyl pack comes with a mini turntable, and four different ‘songs’. Each song is “a recomposed version of the Oreo anthem” in a different musical style: jazz, electronic, classical, and Chinese.

Watch the video below.