Oneohtrix Point Never offers up “a speculative autobiography” on upcoming album





Again‘s artwork features a sculpture by Matias Falkbakken.

Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin, is releasing a new album this September.

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Again, dropping via Warp, is the boundary-pushing producer’s first album since 2020’s Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Lopatin is describing it as, in part, “a speculative autobiography”.

Watch a trailer for Again below.

Again‘s artwork features a sculpture by Matias Falkbakken, conceptualised with Lopatin and photographed by Vegard Kleven. The design and packaging were developed by Memory, a collaboration between Lopatin and Online Ceramics (Elijah Funk and Alix Ross).

Pre-order Again on black or blue vinyl now ahead of its September 29 release date.


1. Elseware
2. Again
3. World Outside
4. Krumville
5. Locrian Midwest
6. Plastic Antique
7. Gray Subviolet
8. The Body Trail
9. Nightmare Paint
10. Memories Of Music
11. On An Axis
12. Ubiquity Road
13. A Barely Lit Path