Numark unveils new portable Scratch Turntable




Scratch on the move.

Numark has unveiled a new breed of portable turntable with a built-in Adjustable Scratch Switch that allows you to add custom scratch effects on the go.

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Adapting the already popular PT01, which has recently been listed as one of the most popular new turntables on the market, the Numark PT01 Scratch also features a a non-slip cartridge system so that, in theory, the stylus will stay in contact with your records’ grooves regardless of playing angle or vibration.

numark pt01 scratch

A nod to all the “portablists” taking scratching out into the world, the Numark PT01 Scratch has all that you’d expect from a standard portable deck, with in-built speakers, battery powered capability and an added 1/8” stereo input to feed in a backbeat from your phone or other device. The USB output will allow you record directly onto your computer too.

As Numark senior product manager Chris Roman said: “We know that DJs want to take their music outside and not be restricted to where they practice their art. That’s why our portable turntable business is exploding…The PT01 Scratch takes the portable turntable to the next level, by being the only one to provide a real scratch switch. DJs everywhere are going to love this.”

The PT01 Scratch will be available in October priced at £110. Find out more on the Numark website.

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