Night Of The Living Dead OST released on ghoul green limited edition 2xLP





The complete soundtrack comes to vinyl for the first time.

The soundtrack to George Romero’s iconic 1968 horror film Night of The Living Dead is being released on vinyl for the first time, this Halloween via Waxwork Records.

Originally filmed and released on a minuscule budget, NOTLD then went on to become a huge success, grossing over 250 times its budget.

For the last three years Waxwork Records has collaborated with the remaining members of the independent production company that made NOTLD to create a complete soundtrack featuring all of the music from the film, including recordings that were thought to be lost.

Remastered for this limited 50th anniversary edition, NOTLD comes on “ghoul green” coloured double vinyl, with artwork by Robert Sammelin, liner notes by author Daniel Kraus and NOTLD sound engineer Gary Streiner, and a booklet featuring never before seen photos.

Head here to order a copy on 31st October, watch the 1968 trailer and check out the track list below.


Side A

1. Opening Drive
2. Walking to the Grave
3. Attacked
4. Flight From The Cemetery
5. Refuge
6. Trophy Room
7. The Clothesline
8. Dead Connection / Corpse On The Stairs / Ben Arrives
9. Panic
10. Blood From The Landing
11. Smashing The Headlight
12. Tire Iron Attack
13. “Don’t Look At It!”

Side B

14. Back Porch Bonfire
15. Searching The House
16. The Music Box
17. Boarding Up The House
18. Fireplace and Torch
19. Knocked Out
20. Lounge Chair Bonfire
21. The Cellar Door
22. Finding The Rifle
23. Ben Comforts Barbra
24. Cleaning Upstairs
25. New Arrivals
26. Attack at the Window
27. Grasping Hands
28. Ghouls Approach The House

Side C

29. Down To The Cellar
30. Up From The Cellar
31. Escape Plan
32. Tom and Judy
33. Unboarding
34. Molotov Cocktails
35. Escape From The House
36. Truck Escape
37. Truck On Fire
38. Feeding Frenzy
39. Light Out

Side D

40. Final Siege
41. Breakthrough
42. Helen’s Death
43. Ghouls Overrun
44. Cellar Nightmare
45. The Posse
46. Bonfire
47. End Credits
48. Bonus Night Of The Living Dead 1968 Radio Spot