Niagara’s cult krautrock debut gets official vinyl reissue

Niagara’s cult krautrock debut gets official vinyl reissue





The krautrock record with the most recognisable gatefold in German music history has received an official vinyl reissue. A drum break goldmine the LP features two weighty percussive workouts, ‘Sangandongo’ and ‘Malanga’, which clock in either side of twenty minutes.

The first of three LPs led by Austrian drummer Klaus Weiss and, somewhat obscurely, featuring percussion from West German pop superstar Udo Lindenberg, Niagara’s debut has been a fixture on the cosmic disco circuit for years, and an afro-influenced krautrock epic that’s practically never left DJ Shadow’s record bag.

With originals sold for close to £200 online, the reissue comes courtesy of PMG who’ve reproduced the gatefold in all its glory. Order your copy here and listen to ‘Sangandongo’ below:

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