This app lets you record and listen to your vinyl on your phone





But you’ll have to pay for each track again.

The Vinyl Recorder app records vinyl directly from a (USB compatible) turntable to your mobile, so you can listen to it on your mobile device.

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“This means recording vinyl is now quick, easy and convenient, adding flexibility and portability to enjoy music from vinyl,” says app creators Convert Technologies.

Normally audio from a turntable is connected to speakers via some kind of amplifier. In the case of USB compatible turntables, you can connect your deck directly to a computer, allowing for the audio to be received, recorded and stored directly onto the machine. To end the recording you can stop the turntable, or shutdown your computer. This music now exists in a digitised file form, which can subsequently be transferred to other computers or mobiles for playback.

“Vinyl Recorder is capable of recording vinyl records and converting them to digital files straight onto your phone, without manual editing.”

The app allows you to listen to 30-seconds of your vinyl recording, then charges you for each song you want to add to the library, which means you’re paying more money to listen to a record you already have, in the exact quality you recorded it in. 10 tracks cost £1.99, 50 costs £7.99, 100 are £13.99 and 250 are £29.99.

Uploads are recognised by a music database called Gracenote, who work with Apple Music, Amazon and Tidal to manage their audio libraries, as well as Nielson reporting. If the track isn’t recognised by Vinyl Recorder you don’t get charged, but can still keep and edit the track inside your app music library.

Head here for more info, and watch a demo of the app below.