Check out these gorgeous new Selectors turntable consoles





An expansion on the design studio’s modular DJ console.

Dutch design studio Rik ten Velden is releasing five new models in its Selectors range this year.

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Like its predecessor, the Selectors Cabinet DJ console, new models will feature a steel frame with modular wooden sections.

Three of the new additions have already been revealed via the company’s instagram, all of which allow you to store and display your records at the same time.

The Selectors Box measures 56cm w X 49cm d X 89cm h:

The Selectors Sideboard measures 170cm w X 49cm d X 80cm h:

The Selectors Lowboard measures 240cm w X 49cm d X 54cm h:

Rik ten Velden will also be expanding colour options available on the entire Selectors series.

You can email them for orders and more info at

(Photos c/o @studioriktenvelden.)