A new record pressing plant is opening in California





With environmentally friendly vinyl.

California’s Bay Area is getting a new vinyl manufacturing hub this year, reports KQED Arts.

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Second Line Vinyl will open this winter in Oakland operating on one machine initially before expanding to a further five by 2018.

The plant will be city’s first since first since iconic early 20th century label Victor Records shut its doors in 1935.

Founder Zane Howard wants to turn the 40,000 square foot factory into “a one-stop-shop for independent labels wanting to press records,” says KQED.

Piper Payne, the Chief Product Officer of Second Line who also runs Neato Mastering, will oversee in-house mastering services next year once the plant is up and running.

“Second Line is also looking to develop new materials for record production that are cheaper, lighter and safer for the environment than vinyl. They’ve already developed a new, more cost-effective process for manufacturing picture discs.”

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