A new miniature record shop for mice has opened in Sweden, called Ricotta Records



Stocking your favourite records by Destiny’s Cheese, Dolly Parsley, Rats Against the Machine and Johnny Cashew.

A new miniature, mouse-themed record shop, called Ricotta Records, has been created by Swedish artist collective Anonymouse, on Nygatan Street in Lund, Sweden.

Ricotta Records features tiny vinyl from the likes of Destiny’s Cheese, Bruce Spenwood, Kesella Fitzgerald, Dolly Parsley, and Winnimere Houston.

In addition to its record selection, the shop also has a selection of miniature posters and instruments – in case you know of any mice looking to buy a new banjo.

As well as Ricotta Records, Anonymouse has also created a mouse-themed Italian restaurant, a barber shop and a pharmacy.

Check out the interior of Ricotta Records above, and head here to see more of Anonymouse’s work.