This new book explores Daft Punk’s cultural impact





“Don’t stop the dancing…”

A new Daft Punk book, titled After Daft, is being published by John Murray Press/Hachette UK in 2023.

Written by journalist Gabriel Szatan, After Daft explores the French duo’s impact across the international musical landscape, looking to genres including hyperpop, blog house, EDM, and beyond.

In doing so, After Daft also looks to their wider cultural impact, drawing on the knowledge of over 100 contributors.

“Daft Punk are the axis point for so much that’s gone down from 1993 to 2021: Stadium DJing, internet-cultivated mythology, new rave and mashups and big-league electro and disco revivalism — even diplomatic relations between France and the States,” shares Szatan.


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After Daft will be published in 2023.

Photo by: Nabil Elderkin