Mother shares her late son’s record collection with the world





Poignant letter to new owner discovered inside old record.

It might not be as cool as finding Marvin Gaye’s passport inside a Motown sleeve, a wad of $100 bills inside a Crusaders album or a gigolo’s calling card tucked inside Michel Jackson’s Thriller, but one collector has discovered a pretty poignant message in a second hand copy of Soundgarden’s Superunknown, written by Sabine, the mother of the record’s previous owner.

record note2

It begins: “Dear Collector — Just in case you want to know where this record is coming from: I am Mark’s mother. Mark left us in 2002 — he suffered a heart attack at age 39 while running in the Oregon coastal mountains.”

Having listened through parts of his collection – over 600 record and 2000 CDs – Sabine writes that she plans to share his collection with the world. “I am doing the best I can – doing research, listing, shipping etc – but it is good therapy for me to see this music being shared all over the world.”

Reddit user Muctur who discovered the note wrote: “This record now has sentimental value, and I just got it…Definitely the most valuable record in my collection now.”

Read the note in full below. [via Mic]

record note

Images: Muctur/Imgur