Mondo reissue Fight Club soundtrack on vinyl with IKEA-themed sleeve




That you have to destroy in order to play.

The Dust Brother’s score to David Fincher’s classic Fight Club is to get its first vinyl release in over 15 years.

While the instrumental trip-hop score has been touted as one of the best sequenced of the decade, knitting together cues from the film across its 16 tracks, the real attraction here is with what Mondo have done to with the artwork.

Enlisting graphic designer Alan Hynes, the release comes in a yellow cardboard package with an IKEA-themed jacket (with nice touches like “Mondö” and pull-out assembly instructions), a nod to Edward Norton’s character’s obsession with keeping the appearance of being a normal, successful adult. It also features his spirit animal, the penguin.

But that’s not all, in order to access the double pink soap coloured-vinyl, you have to actively tear the outer packaging apart, using a “sacrifice” tab to, as the teaser video above instructs, “destroy something beautiful”.

As Mondo put it: “Buy it or you will be incomplete. But be warned, this album will not stay beautiful, clean or perfect. It will not stay mint, or even VG+. It will become fair at best. Just like you.”

The Fight Club soundtrack will be released on Wednesday 16th November at Noon (CST). Find out more here.