Melodies International reissue Bobby Wright’s stripped-back ’70s soul



The 7″ includes a 16-page ‘Melozine’ featuring a message from Jeremy Corbyn.

Bobby Wright’s ‘Blood Of An American’ and ‘Everyone Should Have Its Day’ will be reissued on 7″, this March via Melodies International.

The tracks were originally recorded and self-released by Wright (now Abu Talib) in 1974, following the death of a band member in Vietnam.

Wright “considered music to be the greatest form of communication with the world and it was his belief that a positive message should be spread to future generations,” shares Melodies International.

The 7″ reissue also includes a 16-page ‘Melozine’ featuring a message from Jeremy Corbyn, interview with Abu Talib, sheet notes for ‘Blood Of An American’, revolutionary records that came out during the Vietnam war and more.

Pre-order a copy here ahead of its 9th March release and listen to ‘Blood Of An American’ below.