Laser synths meet ambient techno on Manami’s Eventide In Orbit





“An interplanetary voyage to distant moons.”

Manami has released a new EP — Eventide In Orbit — via Viscera.

Described as “an interplanetary voyage to distant moons,” the EP spans ambient techno, laser synths, propulsive bassline, and sci-fi sounds.

Eventide In Orbit also features a remix courtesy of Adam Pits.

It marks the first vinyl release on the London-based label.

Purchase a copy of Eventide In Orbit from Bandcamp; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Eventide In Orbit
2. Interaxial
3. Overture One
4. Overture One (Adam Pits’ Stomp Mix)

Photo by James Canavan on 35mm for Magic Castles