Mach-Hommy releasing Balens Cho on vinyl





And it isn’t cheap…

Mach-Hommy is releasing his 2021 album Balens Cho on vinyl this September.

The album is available in three variants — standard, ‘Out The Mud’, and ‘Hot Candle’ — all featuring different perks and “bonus mystery item(s)”.

The variants are available for $222.22, $333.33, and $444.44 apiece.

It’s not the first time Mach-Hommy has released records for significantly higher than average, with Notorious Dump Legends retailing for $187, and Duck CZN: Chinese Algebra for $111.11.

This sits within a larger trend of cult hip-hop acts shopping limited wax releases at inflated prices — Roc Marciano & The Alchemist recently listed an edition of The Elephant Man’s Bones for $150.

Some fans at least seem to be willing to shell out. A press release accompanying the Balens Cho news claims that Mach-Hommy sold over $1 million worth of vinyl last year, all without the help of traditional distributors or retailers.

Alongside Balens Cho making its vinyl debut, Mach-Hommy just released a new album called Dollar Menu 4.

Head over to Mach-Hommy’s website for all the vinyl variants; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. La Prèmiere Bougie
2. Labou
3. La Deuxième
4. Separation Of The Sheep And The Goats
5. Magnum Band Remix
6. La Troisième
7. Lajan Sal
8. La Quatrième
9. Wooden Nickels
10. Traditional
11. La Cinquième
12. Money Magnets
13. Self Luh