LYZZA explores alt-pop on new mixtape, MOSQUITO





An expression of her experiences as a Black woman in the music industry.

Producer and vocalist LYZZA is releasing a new mixtape, titled MOSQUITO, via Big Dada this September.

Drawing on alt-pop productions, MOSQUITO is presented as an expression of LYZZA’s experiences as a Black woman in the music industry.

“Because I am Black and make alternative music, I identify with the disruptive and intrusive nature of a mosquito,” she explains.

“The fact that I look the way I look, make the music I make, and you know who I am means somehow I’ve been able to penetrate through the noise and bias.”

MOSQUITO follows her 2019 EP DEFIANCE.

Pre-order the mixtape from Phonica Records in advance of its 16th September release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Blush Me Out!
2. Lucky You
3. For When I Fall Again
4. Deserve It (feat. La Zowi)
5. Cheat Code
6. Eraser
7. Mind 2 Lips
8. Hold Me
9. Heathens Call (feat. Backxwash)
10. Ressaca