Lush’s studio albums return to vinyl this August





Spin the shoegaze greats once again.

4AD are bringing Lush’s three studio albums, Spooky, Split and Lovelife, back to vinyl from August 11.

Unavailable on vinyl since the ’90s, these represses have been remastered from engineer and producer Kevin Vanbergen’s original tapes. Spooky and Split will keep their original artwork, while Lovelife uses the art from their 2016 boxset to keep 1996’s collective tracing paper sleeve exclusive to the original pressing.

One of the originators of shoegaze, Lush formed in 1987 by London teenagers Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, and were completed by drummer Chris Acland and bassist Steve Rippon, and later Phil King.

Spooky, Split and Lovelife are available to pre-order on black and limited edition clear vinyl ahead of their August 11 release.


A1. Stray
A2. Nothing Natural
A3. Tiny Smiles
A4. Covert
A5. Ocean
A6. For Love

B1. Superblast!
B2. Untogether
B3. Fantasy
B4. Take
B5. Laura
B6. Monochrome

A1. Light From A Dead Star
A2. Kiss Chase
A3. Blackout
A4. Hypocrite
A5. Lovelife
A6. Desire Lines
A7. The Invisible Man

B1. Undertow
B2. Never-Never
B3. Lit Up
B4. Starlust
B5. When I Die

A1. Ladykillers
A2. Heavenly Nobodies
A3. 500
A4. I’ve Been Here Before
A5. Papasan
A6. Single Girl
A7. Ciao!

B1. Tralala
B2. Last Night
B3. Runaway
B4. The Childcatcher
B5. Olympia

Header photo by Matt Anker