Apparently this speaker recreates the warm sound of a vinyl record





Vinyl without vinyl.

Italian designer Paolo Cappello has created Louis, an “analogical speaker” that can make your digital tunes sound analogue. Created for Newblack, the wooden trumpet form apparently allows the speaker to mimic the warm, vintage sound found on vinyl records.

The product works without any sort of electronic component. Instead you just plug your iPhone in (what else?) and the dedicated App creates a “dialogue” between the phone’s sensors and the shape of Louis, supposedly elevating the sound quality.

As seen in the photo above, the speaker arrives in three colours: natural, yellow and anthracite.

We haven’t tested it yet so can’t comment on whether Louis stands up to its claim but if you’re after the ease of digital with all the joys of vinyl, a wireless turntable sounds like a much better hybridised option to us.

Louis is available now for €149. Check out some photos below.

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