London jazz group PYJÆN announce debut album on DeepMatter



“A reflection of five souls. Their joy, their happiness, their worries and experiences.”

DeepMatter is releasing PYJÆN’s self-titled debut album this September.

Headed up by Dani Diodato & Dylan Jones, the group is rooted in jazz, whilst also melding influences from funk, afro-beat, hip hop and disco.

PYJÆN follows the release of first single ‘Nah’ & the most recent release, ‘Creation’. PYJAEN is being released alongside the final single from the album ‘In Search of The Sticky Side’.

Head here for some more info ahead of the 20th September release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Nah
2. Free Your Dreams
3. Steve
4. Leading The Times
5. Creation
6. Waiting for Perry
7. In Search Of The Sticky Side