Listen to Gilles Peterson and Trevor Jackson discuss graphic design, London club culture and FORMAT



Trevor Jackson’s eagerly anticipated new album FORMAT  is out today.

Gilles Peterson invited Trevor Jackson down to the Brownswood Basement for an in-depth chat about Jackson’s graphic design days contributing to the visual identities of classic labels, his Output Records phase releasing early Four Tet and LCD Soundsystem, right through to club-culture today, and his brand new album. Featuring four tracks from FORMAT, listen to the podcast below and scroll down for a complete tracklist.

Out today, Trevor shares the story of FORMAT, a unique album that is as much about the way we listen to music as it is about the music itself. That said, the music is Jackson’s most personal yet. Curated from an archive of over 150 tracks Trevor had built up over the past 2 decades, the inspiration for Jackson’s music has come from “the times and places where genres weren’t quite formed.”

You can order FORMAT from the VF Editions Shop

Raze – Break 4 Love (Champion)
Brotherhood – Alphabetical Response (Instrumental) (Bite It!)
Hardnoise – Mice In the Presence of a Lion (Music of Life)
Brotherhood – Clunk Click (Bite It!)
Source Direct – Domina (Science)
Julian Priester – Love Love (ECM)
Pete Shelly – Witnes The Change (Dub) (Metal Dance)
S-Express – Theme From S-Express
Trevor Jackson – Reel 2 Reel (The Vinyl Factory)
Trevor Jackson – They Came From New York (The Vinyl Factory)
Trevor Jackson – Scuz (The Vinyl Factory)
Four Tet – Glasshead (Output)
Trevor Jackson – Icaro (The Vinyl Factory)
Rapture – I Need Your Love (Playgroup Remix) (Output)
LCD Soundsystem – Beat Connection (Output)
Dub Syndicate – Over Board (On U Sound)
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)