Linn release a new Sondek LP12 for their 40th anniversary

Linn release a new Sondek LP12 for their 40th anniversary




There is no other way to celebrate your 40th anniversary then by releasing a limited edition remake of a classic product.

Linn Products have collaborated with no other than the great distillery, Highland Park, to release 40 new Sondek LP12s. This extremely limited edition has been created from solid oak, but not just any solid oak. Each of the high quality turntables have been encased into whisky wood plinths made from the casks in which the whisky is matured.

Those who part with the £25,000 RRP price will also receive a bottle of Highland Parks finest, 40-year old single malt. Meaning customers can also raise a glass and toast to 4 decades of Linn.

“Hand turned malt, aromatic peat, cool maturation and sherry oak casks all combine to give the drink a floral, sweet, rich, multi-dimensional taste.”

So if you love the sound of vinyl and the taste of whisky, and have £25,000, this is your turntable!

The Scotts sure know how to celebrate! Now off to Glasgow we go!

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