LA record store to give away thousands of records for free this weekend





Bring a crate.

Hollywood’s Record Parlour record store is giving away 5,000 records for free this weekend. Following last weekend’s $1 sale, the Parlour are shifting the rest of their records for free to make space for a massive new shipment on the 15th August. The deal? Spend $20 on anything at The Record Parlour and they’ll let you take up to 100 records home for free.

For weeks now, Record Parlour have teased news of their “Tower Records Collection” with images of classic and rare records in mint condition due in on the 15th August. The new haul of several thousand vintage records, includes some of the 25,000+ 45s they picked up just a few weeks ago.

But in the mean time, old stock has got to go. Opening the floor to DJs to come and play strictly 7″ sets on Saturday, the Record Parlour advise simply that “It’s gonna be wild so get here early – when they’re gone they’re gone.”

Find out more here or head straight to 6408 Selma Ave in Hollywood, CA to get in line.

record parlour2

record parlour3

Main image by Mike Spitz, taken from his new book The Record Store Book, charting Californian record store culture. Click here for more info.

Images: The Record Parlour / Facebook.