Krautrock pioneers Popol Vuh get first 5 LPs reissued in runs of 500

Krautrock pioneers Popol Vuh get first 5 LPs reissued in runs of 500




Florian Fricke’s influential Kosmische Musik outfit celebrated with extensive reissue series.

The first 5 albums by Popol Vuh are to be reissued in limited quantities of 500 copies a record by Spanish label Wah Wah Records/Supersonic Sounds. Fronted by the enigmatic pianist Florian Fricke who scored several of Werner Herzog’s films – including Nosferatu and Aguirre, the Wrath of God – Popol Vuh were among the first breath of German bands to experiment with synthesizers to create what would become the groundbreaking progressive genre “Kosmische Musik” or Cosmic Music.

Combining moog experimentations with primitive percussion, Popol Vuh moved towards from electronic towards acoustic compositions during the period between 1970 and ’75 covered by these records, pursuing a more overtly ethnic and spiritual aesthetic that defined them from contemporaries like Manuel Göttsching’s Ash Ra Tempel and Edgar Froese’s Tangerine Dream.

The five records to be reissued are the 1970 debut Affenstunde, In den Gärten Pharaos (1971), Hosianna Mantra (1972) which includes a bonus 7″, Seligpreisung (1973) and Einsjäger und Siebenjäger (1974), all of which are housed in gatefold sleeves with liner notes by Popol Vuh expert Dolf Mulder. All five reissues are set to be released on 16th September. Click here for more info.

Listen to the whole of Affenstunde below:

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