Electronic and krautrock-inspired jazz from Germany collected on 2xLP





Spanning from motorik rhythms to psychedelia and beyond.

A new compilation called Kraut Jazz Futurism is showcasing the sounds of electronic and krautrock-inspired jazz from Germany.

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Kraut Jazz Futurism features 17-tracks, including music by by Karaba, David Nesselhauf, and Torben Unit.

Helmed by Toy Tonic’s Mathias Modica, it follows TT’s German new wave compilation – Teutonik Disaster – released earlier this year.

Head here for more info in advance of Kraut Jazz Futurism’s 1st of November release on Kryptox and check out the tracklist below.


LP 1

Side A

1. Karaba – Der Inder
2. SALOMEA – Magnolia Tree
3. David Nesselhauf – Space Station
4. Shake Stew – Shake The Dust
5. Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Orange Man

Side B

1. Stimming x Lambert – The Little Giant
2. Sissi Rada – Acrasian Beat
3. C.A.R. – Dick Schaffrath
4. Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – J Schleia

LP 2

Side C

1. Oracles – That Was I
2. Onom Ogemo and the Disco Jumpers – Liquid Love
3. Torben Unit – Free (Get Your Self Together)
4. JJ Whitefield – 14/08

Side D

1. Niklas Wandt – Balanphontanz in drei Schüben
2. Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – The Flood
3. Keope – A Night In Bacalar
4. Toresch – El Fuego