Kode9 unveils new album, Escapology





The soundtrack to his ongoing ​​Astro-Darien project.

Kode9 is releasing his first album in seven years, called Escapology, via his Hyperdub label this July.

The album is a soundtrack to his ongoing Astro-Darien project, which first emerged as a two-week A/V installation at London’s Corsica Studios in 2021.

Accompanying this “sonic fiction”, Escapology “reconfigures Astro-Darien’s tense, off-world atmospheres into slices of high-definition, asymmetric club rhythms.”

The artwork for Escapology and Astro-Darien was produced by Optigram and Lawrence Lek, whose Theta film is currently on show at Future Shock, presented by Fact and 180 Studios.

Pre-order Escapology here in advance of its 15th July release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Trancestar North
2. The Break Up
3. Toxic Foam
4. Orbex
5. Angle of Re-entry
6. Freefall
7. In The Shadow of Ben Hope
8. Slim-Darien
9. Cross The Gap
10. Uncoil
11. Astro-Darien
12. Lagrange Point
13. Docking
14. Torus
15. T-Divine

Photo: Samuel Smelty