Klipsch unveils updated Reference speaker range for home listening





With 10 new models on the way including floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, and sub-woofers.

Hi-fi company Klipsch is releasing a new generation of its iconic Reference speaker series.

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The updated Reference range will include: three floor-standing speaker models – R-605FA, R-800, R-600F, two bookshelf speaker models – R-50M, R-40M; two centre channel speaker models – R-50C, R-30C; surround sound speakers – R-40SA; and two subwoofer models –R121SW, and R101SW. 

Designed for home-listening, the speakers feature “the most dramatic upgrades” since the series’ launch, according to Klipsch.

Upgrades include new Thermoformed Crystalline Polymer woofers, which feature “steeper angling of the cones for a smoother response and improved accuracy and transparency.”

All the speakers also feature an updated horn design, engineered to offer more accurate sound with a larger bandwidth of frequencies.

Prices range between £275 for entry-level bookshelf models, and £1,499 for higher-end, floor-standing speakers.

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