This casual record bag is hand made with Japanese denim



Easy on the wax, easy on the eyes.

The humble tote has long been the go to carrier for the fruits of a casual record shopping trip, but while most shops will even give you their own if you spend enough dosh, your standard tote will probably begin to groan at the edges filled with more than ten albums.

Seeking to find a stylish alternative that’s a grade above your standard canvas bag, the San Francisco craftswomen at Kate Koeppel Design (behind those wooden record dividers you might have seen knocking about) have come up with “The Record Tote”, capable of holding 15-20 albums.

Doing itself a disservice in our minds by plumping for the “tote” category, it’s more of a durable record bag capable of carrying a healthy haul or enough wax for a short set, handmade in Oakland with Japanese selvage denim, a wrap around strap and a removable wooden base to support a heavy stack.

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